Welcome to FOCUS: Disruption – The Kickoff. This one-hour special brings us through the various areas of our lives that have been disrupted due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. These areas consist of our mental health, the workforce, education, and more. We hear from experts on matters such as misinformation, labor shortages, and how how the pandemic and social media have effected our mental health. We top off our conversation with big insights from tiny voices – the future of America! Stay tuned for our main show, FOCUS: Disruption in the spring.

Big thank you to all who were involved in this production:

Julia Egan: Senior Producer
Cassidy Steinhilber: Senior Producer
Emily Dolan: Senior Editor
Sukyoung Cho: Senior Graphics
Sam Bailey: Lower Thirds Producer
Nick Mulkay: Lower Thirds
Patrina Geiger: Guest Booker
Francis Churchill: Guest Booker
Amaya Gresham: Red Hawk Sports Network Producer
Grace Rowland: Stratcom and “Little Insights” Producer
Emma Caughlin: The Montclarion Producer
Kenny Horn: WMSC Producer
Sarah DiPippa: Social Media Coordinator / “Social Media Update” Producer
Solana Brol: “Back to School” Producer
Louis Biondolillo: “Labor Shortage” Producer
Givonna Boggans: “The Big Picture” Producer
Carter Winner: “Climate Change” Producer

Julia Egan: Senior Producer (Control Room)
Cassidy Steinhilber: Senior Producer (Control Room)
Emily Dolan: Show Editor (Control Room)
Bernice Ndegwa: Anchor
Louis Biondolillo: Anchor
Carter Winner: Director
Brittany Osorio: Assistant Director
Olivia Licini: Technical Director
Gabby Taylor: Audio
Daniela Valdez: Server
Deana Loria: Graphics (Control Room)
Chloe Naphy: Guest Wrangler
Jess Pochek: Studio Manager
Michael Banovic: Studio Manager
Danny Figueroa: Camera 1
Alex Pallen: Camera 2
Becca Kobik: Camera 3
Dan Morales: Camera 5
Katie Lawrence: Camera 6
Alana Conti: Camera 7
Talon Lauriello: Camera 9
Dan Walker: Camera 9 Assist
Maria Hofmann: Stand-in
Hailey Mayewski: Stand-in
Nick Vitagliano: Behind the Scenes Producer
Solana Brol: Behind the Scenes
Mario Diaz: Behind the Scenes
Richard Cruz: Behind the Scenes
Dana Fields: Behind the Scenes Photographer